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Beat Degeneration - Searching For Some Heaven cd

(Jigsaw Records, PZL138)

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hailing from Italy, this is the second full-length from Beat Degeneration, following their debut cassette on Weiner Records. The trio plays a mix of indie rock, indiepop and powerpop, channeling bands like Surfer Blood, the Drums and Crocodiles (whose Charles Rowell produced this very album). Their songs have a wide range of moods with some songs, like "Jamie Is Gone" and "I Love You Sweetly", having big and catchy (dare I say, radio-friendly?) choruses, and others, like the ambient surf-instrumental, "Pappelallee", and the record's piano-centered closer, "Painted On The Wall", showing off a gentler side. Yes, there's a bit of something for everyone on this cool and varied album.

Not limited. All songs written by Beat Degeneration. Available digitally on Bandcamp.

  1. Jamie Is Gone
  2. Feet In The Sand
  3. Playing Rock'n'Roll In The Dark
  4. Pool
  5. Sunny Day
  6. Twice
  7. I Love You Sweetly
  8. The Way You Smile
  9. Pappelallee
  10. Painted On The Wall