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Popincourt - Instant Record Collection! set

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TWO LPS & ONE 7": 1) "A New Dimension To Modern Love" lp, 2) "4 Colours, 4 Seasons" 12", 3) "The Brilliant Missing Link" 7". One our favorite French hitmakers, Popincourt is France's answer to Paul Weller and Style Council! That is to say, perfect pop that swings and jangles and is tons of fun! Trés oui!!
  1. I Found Out
  2. A New Dimension To Modern Love
  3. The First Flower Of Spring
  4. The Things That Last
  5. Improvisation (Part 1)
  6. Happy Town
  7. We Will Be Friends
  8. The Risk Of Losing You
  9. Off Track
  10. Improvisation (Part 2)
  11. Want You To Be A Souvenir
  12. The Reason Why
  13. Blue Winter
  14. Green Spring
  15. Red Summer
  16. Orange Fall
  17. The Brilliant Missing Link
  18. ImprovISAtion (Part 1, 2 & more)