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Your Heart Breaks - New Ocean Waves / Sailor System cs

(Lost Sound Tapes)

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two classic Northwest-style pop albums on one tape! (p.s. Clyde is a buddy of mine)
  1. 120 Proof
  2. Bad Company
  3. New York
  4. New Ocean Waves
  5. Mixed Tapes
  6. Girls Flockin To Yr Feet
  7. This Place
  8. The Party In The Basement
  9. Freight Train
  10. Southern Girl
  11. Warm In Winter
  12. The Rats
  13. The First Show
  14. Will We Ever?
  15. Captain My Captain
  16. Oh My Darling
  17. Sand Dollar
  18. Look Look
  19. God Speed John Glen
  20. New Orleans
  21. In November
  22. Orion