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Your Heart Breaks - Greatest Hits cs

(Lost Sound Tapes)

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19 of Clyde's best songs re-recorded and re-re-mixed by Karl Blau into a killer dance album - on sparkly tapes!
  1. Welcome
  2. Will We Ever (ft. Theo Hilton)
  3. Harsh Tokes and Bong Jokes
  4. The Echo and the Ocean
  5. New Orleans
  6. New Ocean Waves
  7. 1999
  8. Submerge like Submarines
  9. Slow Rolling Hills
  10. Girls Flockin' to Your Feet
  11. Icy Roads to Index
  12. The Rats
  13. Blood Brothers
  14. The Foundation
  15. I Could Say Ark
  16. Bad Company
  17. Mixed Tapes
  18. Torrey Pines (ft. Kimya Dawson)
  19. Godspeed John Glenn
  20. Unbind these Roots
  21. Goodbye