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33 Tears - 33 Tears cd

(Morgan Leah Records)

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20 track collection from this late '80s synth pop group from Albuquerque that mixes early Cure & Factory
  1. The Laughing Man
  2. The Grinning Boy
  3. Forms Of Edge
  4. Peeping Jane
  5. House For Small Dogs
  6. Des Citty Song (One Fine Sunday)
  7. Color Black
  8. Dead Rose
  9. Merry Go Round
  10. A Song To Save Us
  11. Non-Stop
  12. Apparitions In The Wall
  13. Pick Up The Pieces
  14. Take My Picture
  15. Casa De Peligro
  16. Abomination
  17. Black Bird
  18. Grave Euphoric
  19. Close To Me
  20. Fixing Me Spectacles