Yearning - From Dawn Till Dusk (2011-2014) cd

(Elefant Records)

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compendium of the group's first phase, perfect for any fan of 60s girl groups
  1. Dawn (Instrumental)
  2. If You Were My Boyfriend
  3. Baby Be Mine
  4. The Way You Love Me
  5. Everybody Knows (I'm Still In Love With You)
  6. Don't Call Me Baby
  7. Gotta Pull Myself Together
  8. Jeremy
  9. Eyes Of A Movie Star
  10. I Just Wanna Hold Your Hand (On Christmas Day)
  11. See You Again
  12. Boy Racer
  13. Love Is Like A Rollercoaster
  14. Kiss You In The Summertime
  15. Too Young
  16. Why's She Making Those Eyes At You?
  17. Too Shy
  18. Heart Beats A Little Bit Faster
  19. All Hung Up On You
  20. Pretty Lies
  21. You Make Lovin' You Easy
  22. Dusk