Luck, Now - Enough, For Now cdep

(Jigsaw Records, PZL157)

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several years back, Matteo from Luck, Now had another band with the even more impossible name of What, Really? and he sent me a few copies of their sole release out of the blue for me to sell in the shop, and I loved it! I think I even asked him back then if I could release his next record, but I can't recall whatever became of that. Fast forward a few years, and he formed this new band and snuck out a debut EP under my radar. Thankfully, though, I managed to snag him for Jigsaw to release this second EP of theirs, and it's a great batch of catchy pop songs that toe the line between indie rock and powerpop, even going so far as to cover a song by GBV ("A Good Flying Bird"), another band with a similar modus operandi. Let's hope that this time around, this obscure band from a tiny northern Italian town gets the recognition they deserve!

Not limited. All songs written by Luck, Now, except track 4 by Guided By Voices. Available digitally on Bandcamp.

  1. Social Loner
  2. Imaginary Friends
  3. Sleep It Off
  4. A Good Flying Bird
  5. Day By Day
  6. Panic Attack