Various - Torrey Pines soundtrack cs

(no label)

soundtrack for the full-length animated film from my buddy Clyde (of Your Heart Breaks), featuring music from YHB, Kimya Dawson, Chris Walla and more!
  1. Torrey Pines Opening Theme (Your Heart Breaks & The Beaconettes)
  2. Puzzle Pieces (Zach Burba & Jacob Jaffe)
  3. Star 4 (The Beaconettes)
  4. The Checks in the Mail (The MaleMen)
  5. Box Fort Theme (Chris Walla)
  6. Butts, Butts, Butts (Zach Burba)
  7. Gainesville (Earth)
  8. Slow Rolling Hills (Your Heart Breaks)
  9. Korobeiniki
  10. South Rim of the Grand Canyon (Your Heart Breaks)
  11. West Texas (Your Heart Breaks)
  12. Blues Balls (Blues Hammer)
  13. I-40 East through Oklahoma (Your Heart Breaks)
  14. I....You (Kimya Dawson)
  15. Tennessee for Miles (Your Heart Breaks)
  16. Beauty and the Beast (Lori Goldston and Zach Burba)
  17. 12A_12B (Chris Walla)
  18. Torrey Pines (Your Heart Breaks and Kimya Dawson)
  19. The Goblin and the Music Box (Corey J. Brewer)