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Charms - Happen To Lull cs

(Jigsaw Records, PZL002)

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I obtained the rights to this cassette after the label that originally released it ceased to exist (only to find out much later that the band had never actually given permission initially - whoops!), and kept it in print for another year or so, until the master tape started to wear out. Under better circumstances, this band (with a sound that mixed the jangle of mid-'80s UK pop and the power of late-'80s UK shoegaze) could've been much, much bigger, but for now they remain woefully obscure...

About 75 were "pressed" in total. An additional 12 copies were made specifically for Cassette Store Day 2015. All songs written by Charms. Available digitally on Bandcamp.

  1. Happen
  2. Different
  3. Between Two Fires
  4. Horizontal
  5. Landmark
  6. Only Reason I Pray
  7. Fiona
  8. Turning
  9. Avalanches
  10. Tidal
  11. Book I Borrowed
  12. Way She Died