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Bunnygrunt - Vol. 4 cd/lp/cs

(HHBTM Records)

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long awaited new album from the rocktastic Bunnygrunt, and it's supposedly their swan song, so buy now and cry later; cd and cassette (and vinyl download) have a bunch of bonus tracks from recent singles
  1. Gimmie Five Bucks
  2. Just Like Old Times
  3. Open My Eyes
  4. Chunt Bump
  5. The Book That I Wrote
  6. I Quit, Mr. White
  7. Frankie Is A Killer
  8. Still Chooglin' (After All These Beers)
  9. Young Abe Lincoln
  10. He's About A Leaver
  11. Tonight You Belong To Me
  12. 1000% Not Creepy (Weepop Version)
  13. Carmelita
  14. Where Eagles Dare Pt 2 (Weepop Version)
  15. Led It Out
  16. Don't Forget Who Your Friends Are