Bunnygrunt - In The Valley Of Lonesome Phil cd

(Bert Dax Records)

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collection of 20 assorted released and unreleased tracks from Bunnygrunt machs 1 and 2
  1. Party Boy
  2. Faster Pussycat, Phil! Phil!
  3. You're Talking Crazy Talk
  4. Good, But Not So Good
  5. My Darling, My Jackhammer
  6. Theme From MST3K
  7. Attention Deficit Disorder (Live)
  8. Spot The Mommyhead
  9. Thirty Six Hours Straight Through Twice
  10. Meat Blower!
  11. My Darling, My Jackhammer (Remix)
  12. Fish Of Life (Live)
  13. I Just Had Broken Heart Surgery (Love Won't Bypass Me Again)
  14. Missouri Waltz
  15. No Name Slob
  16. Holiday Road
  17. Alone In My Principles
  18. 20 Second Tubewarmer
  19. Carrie Ann
  20. I Mock You With My Monkey Pants
  21. Party Boy (Long Version)