Armstrong - Fragments & Curiosities (The 4 Track Sessions) cd

(Beautiful Music Records)

collection of demos and alternate versions from this Aztec Camera/Pale Fountains-ish acoustic janglepop project
  1. My Resistance
  2. Pilgrim Heart
  3. Break It In Two (Acoustic)
  4. When We Gonna Think About Life?
  5. No Time To Waste
  6. Rainfall (Instrumental Version)
  7. Hard Luck Feeling
  8. Can't Be Bought
  9. Crazy World (Live Rehearsal Recording)
  10. Picture Of The Bay (Acoustic)
  11. Rainfall (Live Rehearsal Recording)
  12. Summer's Come Around
  13. Sometimes I Wish I Could Drive
  14. Apathy Took Me
  15. I'll Never Lie (But One Day I Will Speak The Truth)