Let's listen to: Nod And The Hobgoblins - "Nod And The Hobgoblins" cs!

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Nod And The Hobgoblins - Nod And The Hobgoblins cs

This Seattle band was around for a brief time a few years ago, back when the Funny Button (an important house venue in the Seattle DIY scene) was a thing, and this cassette perfectly documents that point in time. Led by Jennifer Williams, and backed by a full band (and doo-wop choir!), this is a delightful batch of songs that recall groups like Lake, Watercolor Paintings and Land Of Ill Earthquakes; gentle and easy-going, with a very open and friendly atmosphere.

Released by our good friends at Lost Sound Tapes, we have the last few copies here at the shop - have a listen and click here to buy it now before it goes out of print forever!