Let's listen to: New Century Schoolbook - "The First Album Was Better" cd!

Posted by Chris McFarlane on

New Century Schoolbook - The First Album Was Better cd

New Century Schoolbook were from Portland, OR, and as far as I can tell, this self-released 2007 album was actually their first (despite its ironic title), though I could be completely wrong - there's very little information on the band online! In any case, this is a wonderful slice of '00s indiepop - reminding me a lot of Vehicle Flips (particularly with their frequently clever, referential lyrics), the Salteens (lots of bouncy melodies) or maybe a more playful Belle & Sebastian. The songs have jangly guitars, jaunty keyboards and pleasant boy/girl vocals, with each of the singers taking turns at the lead and backing vocals. An overlooked classic from an obscure band! (Fun side note: the guitar player, Zachariah Selley now plays in A Certain Smile.)

You can pick this up here - on sale for this week only! Oh, and check out their 2009 7", too!