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Driscolls - Complete Recordings 1988-1991 dbl cd

the Driscolls were one of the better bands of the fertile late '80s/early '90s UK indiepop scene, with a handful of singles on Restless and Teatime Records and even a Woosh flexi. Sure, their records don't exactly fetch a handsome price amongst record collectors, but their music - a perfect hybrid of '60s mod and jangly indiepop - is definitely priceless. This two-disc set compiles all of the band's singles PLUS all of their compilation tracks culled from numerous high-profile indiepop tapes PLUS eight previously-unreleased songs recorded before the band split! Heck, there's even a radio interview with the band on here, capping off a stunning 35-track collection that is easily one of the best reissues of 2014! (As you can guess, we're super-proud of this release!)

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One Happy Island - Your Flaws Aren't Picturesque lp
One Happy Island - Your Flaws Aren't Picturesque lp   ON SALE!  $14.00
(Wee Pop Records)

one of the better American indiepop bands in the last decade, this is sadly the band's final release, and it's a fun one at that! On white vinyl

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