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Tripping The Light Fantastic - ...Is Tripping The Light Fantastic cd

this group from Hamburg, Germany caught my ear with their brilliant single on Cloudberry Records, the A-side of which ("Heavy Heart") reminded me quite a bit of Summer Cats, but with beautifully layered female vocals. Then I heard their split 7" with Honeyheads on Dufflecoat Records and was taken in by the equally great "Neon Ant Colony". When the band asked me to release their debut album, I naturally jumped at the chance! Though only ten songs long, this album is quite multi-faceted, going from the driving and melodic "The Lane" and "Lover Not A Fighter" to the playful "Can't Treat Me Right" (with a ragtime piano part!) and gentle "Mostly Harmless", which nicks the chorus from an Orange Juice classic (and the singer does a good Edwyn Collins, too!). Plus, you have to love a band where everyone sings! Overall, a really solid album, and it contains my favorite artwork of any Jigsaw release to date!

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Kana Kapila - Tambor, Canción Y Danza lp
Kana Kapila - Tambor, Canción Y Danza lp   ON SALE!  $14.00
(Discos Walden Records)

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