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Lunchbox - Lunchbox Loves You cd

we were totally thrilled to be able to release the debut Birds Of California album, since we were big fans of Lunchbox. So, you can imagine our glee when Tim told me they were changing their name BACK to Lunchbox, and asked if I would release that album! This is pure bubblegum pop with lots of dreampop influence - imagine if Rocketship were covering '60s AM radio classics to get a feel of where Lunchbox are coming from. I didn't know if they could top the amazing "Magic Of Sound" album, but they've managed to do that with this batch of instant classics!

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Let's Whisper - As Close As We Are 10”
Let's Whisper - As Close As We Are 10”   ON SALE!  $12.00
(Wee Pop Records)

led by two of the Smittens, this band naturally sounds like them - that is to say, the perfect epitome of twee pop!

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