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Beanpole - From Blue To You (a compilation) cd

Verna Brock made some of the sweetest indiepop of the '90s; you probably heard her voice in Holiday Flyer or Rocketship, but Beanpole was her solo project, consisting of herself and her four-track. Though she enlisted the help of a couple friends later down the road, she excelled at multi-tracking her guitars, vocals (oh, the wonderful harmonies!) and the occasional drums and flute. She recorded many songs during this time, releasing them on labels such as Blackbean, Cher Doll, Papercut and Goodbye Virginia. This disc compiles every song she ever released, as well as some songs that never strayed from the original handmade demo tapes, making for a very comprehensive collection indeed! Oh, and did I say she was really sweet?

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Felt Tips - Symbolic Violence lp w/cd
Felt Tips - Symbolic Violence lp w/cd   ON SALE!  $16.00
(Firestation Records)

second album from this beloved Scottish group who play soft and jangly pop in the vein of the Smiths and Belle & Sebastian - lp limited to only 300 copies and comes with a cd containing the full album!

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