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Dzula, Mark - Begin Again cd

this is the first solo album from Mark Dzula, a man who is making a new start for himself down in San Diego. Mark originally came from New York City, where he was a collaborator with Gary Olson and the Ladybug Transistor. He reminds me quite a bit of Super XX Man, writing very personal lyrics over somewhat adventurous songs. This album contains a few "normal" indiepop songs ranging from the upbeat opener "The Graduate" to the haunting "Falling Snow" to the Kissing Book-ish "Camera Lucida"; but you'll also find a bit of mariachi in "The Rebel" or island rhythms in "Begin Again", and then there's "Happiness", which sounds like it comes from a musical. This is the type of record that really grows on you after repeated listening, and the payoff is quite rewarding!

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Hanlon, Darren - Hello Stranger cd
Hanlon, Darren - Hello Stranger cd   ON SALE!  $5.00
(Drive-In Records)

classic early album from this Aussie charmer

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