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Bulldozer Crash - Today Will Be Yesterday So Soon: 1991-1993 cd

when I restarted the label back in 2010, Bulldozer Crash were one of the first bands I approached about doing a retrospective disc, and they were quite enthusiastic. But you know how these things go: life gets in the way and things get pushed aside, but in the end, it was definitely worth the wait! This 19-track disc collects all of the band's singles on Sunday and Heaven Records, along with compilation tracks, and even a couple previously unreleased demos! If you haven't heard this band, they were a perfect example of the sound of British indiepop in the early '90s: lots of jangling guitars, drum machine and lyrics about love and longing sung so earnestly. Recommended for any fan of indiepop, really...

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Pitschouse - Pitschouse EP cd-r
Pitschouse - Pitschouse EP cd-r   ON SALE!  $4.00
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really good jangly pop from Seattle that recalls the Bats and maybe a bit of Galaxie 500

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