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Leslies - Of Today - For Today cd

the second album from this delightful Swedish band who never quite achieved the fame they deserved, and the only album to be released in America (and with a few bonus tracks, to boot!). Perfect for fans of Eggstone, the Honeymoons and all of the great pop music that came from the Tambourine Studio throughout the '90s.

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Slowcoaches - Thinkers EP 7”
Slowcoaches - Thinkers EP 7”   ON SALE!  $5.50
(Icecapades Records)

I'm a total sucker for noisy pop - especially when it's of this caliber! Take the best parts of current noisy bands like Male Bonding, or their forefathers Poastal and Juniper, and you've got an idea of where this new UK band are coming from...

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