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Standard Unit - The Art Of Falling Apart cd

several years ago, a friend of mine turned me on to a band called the Maybes, who I featured as a Demo of the Week on IndiePages. Recently, I tracked the band down (albeit under a new moniker), and convinced them to release an album with me, and they went and recorded a whole new batch of songs! Twelve songs in 32 minutes, these are catchy and lively tunes with nimble guitar melodies and bouncy organ parts that remind me of fellow Swedes/Jigsaw act, Pillow.

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Let's Whisper - As Close As We Are 10”
Let's Whisper - As Close As We Are 10”   ON SALE!  $12.00
(Wee Pop Records)

led by two of the Smittens, this band naturally sounds like them - that is to say, the perfect epitome of twee pop!

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