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Thee Ahs - Corey's Coathangers cd

Thee Ahs coined a term for themselves - "black bubblegum indiepop" - and that's really an apt description of their sound. On the outside, they're sugary sweet from their artwork to their upbeat music to Sarah's sweet soprano voice; but dig a little deeper (not even that deep, really), and you'll find an air of acrimony and even a little aggression. These are songs about failed relationships and failed friendships. Sometimes it's a passive suggestion, other times it's rather blatant (such as the chorus of "I'm Not Angry Anymore", where they simply sing "whatever. fuck her."). But never fear, they love you - and that's why they've given us a third album (following a pair of self-released albums and a 7" EP on the Spanish 7iete Pulgadas label) with 9 delightful songs in just over 22 minutes. Short and sweet, but boy, does it pack a punch!

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Various - Homenaje A Family cd
Various - Homenaje A Family cd   ON SALE!  $13.00
(Elefant Records)

tribute to one of the best (if not THE best) Spanish indiepop albums, with contributions from Papa Topo, Band A Part, Linda Guilala, La Casa Azul and many more!

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