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Ocean Party - Soft Focus cd

this quintet has been around for a few years, but have never strayed outside their homeland (Australia - Melbourne, to be exact); so Jigsaw is really excited to be able to bring this band and their joyous janglepop to the rest of the world! A wonderfully romantic treat, these eleven songs flow along quite nicely, each breezy tune melting away as another one begins. Musical counterparts include the Ladybug Transistor and the Zebras (coincidentally, also from Melbourne), with their songs full of strummy guitars and memorable melodies, yet still steeped in ambiance, courtesy of the ever-present keyboards and synths. So sit back and get lost in this perfect little masterwork of gentle pop music.

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Sunny Street - Hidden For Decades cd
Sunny Street - Hidden For Decades cd   ON SALE!  $10.00
(Plastilina Records)

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