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Vehicle Flips - Friends Like Nations (1994-1997) cd

this is not the first time Jigsaw has worked with Mr. Frank Boscoe - we were pleased as punch to release the last cd from his most recent project, the Gazetteers, back in 2010 when the Jigsaw label awoke from its slumber. He may have started his tenure in the world of indiepop with Wimp Factor 14, but he truly found his footing during the mid '90s with the consistently-stellar Vehicle Flips. That band released a trio of excellent albums on Harriet and Magic Marker Records, but it was on their singles where you could find the real hidden gems; this disc collects all of those singles, as well as all compilation tracks and even a few unreleased songs together in one place for the first time!

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Felt Tips - Symbolic Violence lp w/cd
Felt Tips - Symbolic Violence lp w/cd   ON SALE!  $16.00
(Firestation Records)

second album from this beloved Scottish group who play soft and jangly pop in the vein of the Smiths and Belle & Sebastian - lp limited to only 300 copies and comes with a cd containing the full album!

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