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Amida - My Life As A Trashcan cd

this band first showed on my radar five years back with their impressive submission to the C06 compilation. From there, they've released three EPs on Plastilina, Wee Pop! and Fika - all winners. This marks their fourth release, and with eight songs in 18½ minutes, their longest to date, making this their debut album of sorts! Think of the Wolfhounds, early Wedding Present and maybe a bit of early Hefner, and you're already itching to hear this great band!

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Cola Jet Set - Lesson One: Listen & Repeat 7”
Cola Jet Set - Lesson One: Listen & Repeat 7”   ON SALE!  $6.50
(Elefant Records)

this classic Spanish pop group gives us a bunch of English-sung songs, including reworkings of their own songs and covers from the Magnetic Fields & My Bloody Valentine!

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