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Earth Earth - Matador Is Dead cd

this truly sweet quartet from northern Japan sent me a demo out of the blue, and I was blown away by their songs! Since the early '90s, there have been countless bands following in My Bloody Valentine's deep footprints, and though you can count the Earth Earth among them, this band stands out as one of the very few that have captured the spirit as well as the sound. Take the energy and ferocity of "Isn't Anything" and the sheer beauty of "Loveless", and you can get an idea of where these guys are coming from.

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Test Pilot - Boy's Life cs
Test Pilot - Boy's Life cs   ON SALE!  $2.50
(Popgun Records)

Raoul sets aside the drum machine and lets Amber bang the drums - crash and burn on one side and static cling on the other

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