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Gazetteers - We Are Here cd

I've been a fan of Frank Boscoe's work pretty much for as long as I've been into indiepop, thanks to the inclusion of a Wimp Factor 14 track on one of my gateway records, the "One Last Kiss" compilation cd. From that band to the Vehicle Flips to the Gazetteers (not to mention the lesser-known Frank Boscoes), his songwriting has never ceased to amaze. This record (the band's third) was actually completed a couple years ago, but never saw release until now. Another ten examples of charming and clever vignettes disguised as pop songs!

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Silver Screen - When You And I Were Very  Young cd
Silver Screen - When You And I Were Very Young cd   ON SALE!  $13.00
(Plastilina Records)

gentle and gorgeous indiepop that sounds like a sunnier Trembling Blue Stars

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