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Birds Of California - One And Only cd

after teasing us with a split 7" on 555 Recordings a few years back, Birds Of California have finally given us a full album! If the name doesn't sound familiar, that's because they used to be known as Lunchbox, who released a truly amazing record, "The Magic Of Sound", which ranks up there with anything space-pop masters like Rocketship or Stereolab ever did. This album follows in the tradition of their earlier masterpiece, adding a bit more rock in the mix, achieving a sound that's a perfect hybrid of Rocketship and vintage Built To Spill. Listen to this record with headphones and you'll hear different nuances every time!

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Los Caramelos - Esconde Tus Alas En Le Torre Fantasma lp
Los Caramelos - Esconde Tus Alas En Le Torre Fantasma lp   ON SALE!  $14.00
(Discos Walden Records)

Magnetic Fields-ish indescribable pop that eases along smoothly between acoustic and synthy pop - a new Spanish classic!

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