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Razorblade Smile - Razorblade Smile cd

this band from Newcastle, UK was around briefly during the early '90s, but they left behind a killer discography (with singles on Chocolate Narcotic, Sugarfrost and Scooter Swing Records) before disbanding in 1993. Members of the band went on to be in Meredith (and later, Jigsaw faves, Spraydog!), but the most notable alumni (in our eyes, at least) was Pete Dale, who went on to form Slampt Records, Avocado Baby and Milky Wimpshake. Razorblade Smile's sound was a little more musically aggressive - think of Versus, Silkworm, Bitch Magnet and other late '80s/early '90s US indie rock bands, and you'll get an idea of where this band was coming from.

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Vicente Prats - Vicente Prats lp
Vicente Prats - Vicente Prats lp   $15.00
(Pretty Olivia Records)

stellar jangly powerpop from Spain in the vein of Big Troubles or Teenage Fanclub - download included!

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