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Thee Ahs - Corey's Coathangers cd

Thee Ahs coined a term for themselves - "black bubblegum indiepop" - and that's really an apt description of their sound. On the outside, they're sugary sweet from their artwork to their upbeat music to Sarah's sweet soprano voice; but dig a little deeper (not even that deep, really), and you'll find an air of acrimony and even a little aggression. These are songs about failed relationships and failed friendships. Sometimes it's a passive suggestion, other times it's rather blatant (such as the chorus of "I'm Not Angry Anymore", where they simply sing "whatever. fuck her."). But never fear, they love you - and that's why they've given us a third album (following a pair of self-released albums and a 7" EP on the Spanish 7iete Pulgadas label) with 9 delightful songs in just over 22 minutes. Short and sweet, but boy, does it pack a punch!

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Slowcoaches - Thinkers EP 7”
Slowcoaches - Thinkers EP 7”   ON SALE!  $5.50
(Icecapades Records)

I'm a total sucker for noisy pop - especially when it's of this caliber! Take the best parts of current noisy bands like Male Bonding, or their forefathers Poastal and Juniper, and you've got an idea of where this new UK band are coming from...

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