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Very Most - A Year With The Very Most cd

(Indiecater Records)

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finally - a disc that collects all four of this band's recent seasonal digital EPs, and adds a bonus Lake cover!
  1. Spring
  2. Today It Is Even Better
  3. April Is The Kindest Month
  4. The Only Pretty Ring Time
  5. A Two-Week, Springtime, 7th Grade "Romance"
  6. Summer
  7. A Mid-80s Lower-Middle Class Family Summer Road Trip
  8. The Motor-Vu Lights
  9. You're In Love With The Sun
  10. Fireworks
  11. Autumn
  12. When Summer Finally Dies
  13. Sweater
  14. Autumn Air
  15. Winter
  16. Away In A Manger
  17. It's The Best Thing
  18. When Does The Goodwill Start?
  19. Kite