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Various - International Pop Underground cd

(K Records)

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all live songs taken from the IPU festival!
  1. "Clock Song (Go Girl Go)"- Scrawl
  2. "Shakedown"- Nation of Ulysses
  3. "Speedway Star"- Pastels
  4. "Charmicarmicat"- Melvins
  5. "Packin' a Rod"- L7
  6. "Jad Fair Drives Women Wild"- Spinnanes
  7. "Bill"- Seaweed
  8. "They Don't Call them Chihuahuas Anymore"- Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet
  9. "Sandi's Song"- Kreviss
  10. "Strong White Male"- Mecca Normal
  11. "Motorcycle Boy"- Courtney Love
  12. "Bionic"- Unwound
  13. "My Day"- Rose Melberg
  14. "Reprovisional"- Fugazi
  15. "Punk Rock Dream Come True"- Bratmobile
  16. "Bring on the Dancing Girls"- Girl Trouble
  17. "This Sex"- Kicking Giant
  18. "Impatience"- Fastbacks
  19. "Customer Service Breakthrough"-Mark Hosler, Steve Fisk & Bob Basanich
  20. "Nancy Sin"- Beat Happening
  21. "Reprise"- Various