Various - International Hip Swing cd

(K Records)

songs from the first few dozen K singles
  1. "Rover and Rusty"- Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet
  2. "Tomorrow's World"- Melody Dog
  3. "Shouldn't Happen To A Dog"- Thee Headcoats
  4. "Long Time Gone"- Lois
  5. "Yesterday"- Gravel
  6. "(It's So Hard Not To) Say Hello"- Brief Weeds
  7. "Hiding"- Tiger Trap
  8. "Den Den"- Snuff
  9. "Man Thinks Women"- Mecca Normal
  10. "Tarantula"- Girl Trouble
  11. "Escort Crash On Marston Street"- Heavenly
  12. "Yes She Is My Skinhead Girl"- Unrest
  13. "Vacation"- Duckhunt
  14. "Free Again"- Teenage Fanclub
  15. "No One"- Cannanes
  16. "Deer Trap"- Seaweed
  17. "Look Around"- Beat Happening
  18. "All Women Are Bitches"- Fifth Column
  19. "Clean"- The McTells