Thrilled Skinny - It's A Good Doss (deluxe version) dbl cd

(Pop Noise Records)

second album compiled with an extra 11 songs and a bonus live disc!
  1. Good Doss
  2. Insecurity
  3. Key To The Attic Door
  4. Blank Stares
  5. Just Another Teenage Dream
  6. I Love The Sound Of Reversing Cars
  7. Curable Romantic
  8. Bottom Of The Stairs
  9. Dodgy
  10. Glad To Get Out Of This Town
  11. Didn't Mean That Much To Me
  12. Let There Be Shelving
  13. Outside Your Room
  14. Empty Demijar
  15. Plants For Sale
  16. Airing Cupboard
  17. Off Shopping Trolley
  18. Standing On The Landing
  19. Sounding Off
  20. Teenage Dream
  21. Outside Your Room
  22. I Love The Sound Of Reversing Cars
  23. Airing Cupboard
  24. Let There Be Shelving
  25. Off Shopping Trolley
  26. Bottom Of The Stairs