Super Hit - Everything Is Shit cs

(See My Friends Records)

17 slices of fun and catchy bedroom indiepop - recommended for fans of Vetran or anything Kevin Alvir has done from Lil' Hospital through the Hairs
  1. I Don't Wanna Go Outside
  2. Ain't Got No Body
  3. My Headphones
  4. Candy Castle In The Sky
  5. Don't Lose Your Head
  6. My Day
  7. Hooked
  8. Everything Is Shit
  9. When The Feeling's Gone
  10. Willy Make It (song for Honey Bucket)
  11. I Don't Mind
  12. All The Kids At The Party
  13. You Make It Alright
  14. Life's A Game
  15. Feels Nice
  16. Fuck Up
  17. Up There/Running