Stef Animal - Top Gear cd

(Fishrider Records)

a celebration of obsolete '80s computer technology - this takes the concept of chiptune to a whole new level!
  1. Loading (Casio CA-100)
  2. In The Pines (Casio SK-1)
  3. Ducks (Cass Creek Electronic NZ Waterfowl Call)
  4. You Have Powers! (Casiotone MT-800)
  5. Cave Story (Acorn BBC Micro)
  6. The TGV (Roland U-220)
  7. The Ghost (Jaycar Waveform Generator)
  8. Adventure (Yamaha VSS-200)
  9. The Golden Condor (Commodore Amiga 500)
  10. Dragon Swirl (Ploytec PL2)
  11. Owl (Roland MT-32)
  12. The City (Yamaha TX81Z)
  13. Running Music (Atari 2600)
  14. End Credits (Letron MC-38)
  15. Our Spanish Dream (Roland U-110)