Spearmint - A Week Away (enhanced edition) cd

(Apricot Records)

debut album reissued with eleven bonus tracks and terrific liner notes!
  1. A Week Away
  2. Isn't It Great To Be Alive
  3. Sweeping The Nation
  4. A Third Of My Life
  5. We're Going Out
  6. Start Again
  7. Best Ballroom
  8. You Carry This With You
  9. A Trip Into Space
  10. It Won't Be Long Now
  11. Making You Laugh
  12. You Are Still My Brother
  13. Saturday
  14. Absense Greetings Number One
  15. A Signal Or A Sign
  16. Life In Reverse
  17. My Birthday Present To Myself
  18. Outside The Roundhouse
  19. Come On Feel The Lemonheads
  20. Absense Greetings Number Two
  21. Hair
  22. Lost On The Way
  23. The Weather Forecaster
  24. The Wilderness Years