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Skywriters - Skywriter Blue cs

(Lost Sound Tapes)

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though they were only around for a couple years at the tail end of the '90s, the Skywriters left a nice little dent on the Philly indiepop scene. They released a cd on the Brentwood Estates label and a 7" on Galaxy Train Records of Japan, and also appeared on a handful of comps on Popgun, Shelflife and Blackbean. This tape collects all of those songs, and adds a bonus live track that was never properly recorded, as well! The Skywriters were twee-pop at its best: boy/girl vocals, jangly guitars and endearing songs about love and loss. After their demise, most of the members went on to form the Snow Fairies, but that's another chapter in the history of Philly pop...
  1. Cherry Lips
  2. A Love Supreme
  3. How Did You Get So...
  4. An Empty Golf Course
  5. Tiger Tails
  6. My Friends Say
  7. Movie Star
  8. Every Time I Pass The Test
  9. Government Out Of My Backyard
  10. Maybe Baby
  11. King Of Noise
  12. Once A Year
  13. The Last Sorry
  14. Peter Astronaut