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Singles - Use It For Yourself (vinyl, demos and live tracks 1980-1984) dbl cd

(Off The Hip Records)

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full reissue from this obscure Aussie band from the early '80s - 35 slices of jangly/garagey pop!
  1. Someone That I Knew
  2. The Day
  3. Love Of Loves
  4. Sad Clown
  5. Stay
  6. If You'll Only
  7. The Perfect Girl
  8. Billy
  9. It Wasn't Really There
  10. What Was Wrong
  11. I'm Tired
  12. Run On A String
  13. How Does It Feel
  14. Maybe No One Knows
  15. Virgin
  16. Use It For Yourself
  17. Vist
  18. Since I Met You
  19. What I Want To Do (live)
  20. Every Other (live)
  21. Playground Of Love (live)
  22. What Was Wrong (live)
  23. Since I Met You (live)
  24. Opening Doors (live)
  25. Stay (live)
  26. Just My Imagination (live)
  27. Can We Play (live)
  28. But Til Then (live)
  29. Sleepless Nights (live)
  30. Say Hello (live)
  31. The Party (live)
  32. Something's Not Right (live)
  33. Uninvited Guests (live)
  34. What Am I (live)
  35. Sad Clown (live)