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Second-Hand Furniture - Game, Set, Match... cd

(Plastilina Records)

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includes everything released by this fun, short-lived Swedish pop band
  1. There's Nothing To Celebrate
  2. Extreme Right-Wing
  3. You Might Hear A Sweet Sound
  4. Nice Try, Sunshine
  5. Hard To Distinguish From Each Other
  6. Think You Should Know At This Point
  7. Whom To Choose
  8. This Town Is Killing Me
  9. People Like You
  10. In This World There's Something Absurd
  11. Bonnie & Clyde
  12. Alone Out In The Sea
  13. That's When He Blew Your Head Off
  14. You Are Not The Same
  15. You Shall Overcome
  16. Ballad Of The Band