Rollstons - Our Grain Could Fill Your Stadium cd

(Stupido Records)

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fun and playful jangly indie rock from Finland that reminds me a lot of Jigsaw's own Amida or maybe vintage Pavement
  1. Translate The Change
  2. Flannel Blanket
  3. Weekdays Are Schooldays, Weekends Are Mine
  4. Still Life With Onions And Garlic
  5. Depression Grows
  6. Cherry H.
  7. Who Would Turn My Tv Off?
  8. Summerbee
  9. Theme For OH5TY
  10. Dead Fly
  11. Old Age Comes With A Smile
  12. Balloons
  13. Exploring The Fingerboard
  14. The Art Of Running
  15. So Real
  16. The Tourujoki River