Phillipps, Martin / Chills - Live At The Moth Club cd w/dvd

(Fire Records)

excellent live album housed in a beautiful 24-page hardcover book with a bonus dvd with an exclusive look at their upcoming documentary film
  1. Pink Frost
  2. Wet Blanket
  3. Bee Bah Bee Bah Bee Boe
  4. Kaleidoscope World
  5. This Is The Way
  6. Underwater Wasteland
  7. Background Affair
  8. The Oncoming Day
  9. Entertainer
  10. Streets Of Forgotten Cool
  11. I Can't Help You
  12. The Male Monster From The Id
  13. Doledrums
  14. Easy Peazy
  15. Brave Words
  16. Soft Bomb
  17. I Love My Leather Jacket