Orchids - Who Needs Tomorrow… dbl cd

(Cherry Red Records)

excellent career-spanning retrospective from the mighty Orchids, with a bonus disc packed with demos, rarities and more!
  1. Apologies
  2. Defy The Law
  3. What Will We Do Next
  4. It’S Only Obvious
  5. Caveman
  6. Something For The Longing
  7. Long Drawn Sunday Night
  8. Peaches
  9. Bemused, Confused And Bedraggled
  10. Thaumaturgy
  11. Obsession #1
  12. A Kind Of Eden
  13. Striving For The Lazy Perfection
  14. Another Saturday Night
  15. She’S My Girl
  16. The Girl And The Soldier
  17. The Way That You Move
  18. Hey! Sometimes
  19. Something’S Going On
  20. We Made A Mess
  21. From This Day
  22. My Sacred Hour (Demo)
  23. It’S Only Obvious (Acoustic Version)
  24. Whitley Bay (Demo)
  25. And When I Wake Up (Demo)
  26. This Patience Is Mine (Demo)
  27. Welcome To My Curious Heart (Acoustic Version With Pauline Hynds)
  28. You Could Do Something To Me (Acoustic Version)
  29. Magic In Here
  30. The Lost Star
  31. Les Spectacles De La Foire (Demo)
  32. Placa San Sebastián
  33. I Just Don’T Care
  34. And I Paint A Picture (Demo)
  35. One Last Cigarette (Demo)
  36. Under Clouds, Under Stars, Under A Lens, Under Cars (Demo)
  37. Ooh Wee!
  38. Underneath The Window, Underneath The Sink (2017 Version)