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Orchids - Unholy Soul + Singles cd

(LTM Records)

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on this disc, you get the Orchids' second jangly masterpiece, as well as the Penetration EP and Something For The Longing 7"
  1. Me And The Black And White Dream
  2. Women Priests And Addicts
  3. Bringing You The Love
  4. Frank De Salvo
  5. Long Drawn Sunday Night
  6. Peaches
  7. Dirty Clothing
  8. Moon Lullaby
  9. Coloured Stone
  10. The Sadness Of Sex (Part 1)
  11. Waiting For The Storm
  12. You Know I'm Fine
  13. Bemused, Confused And Bedraggled
  14. Pelican Blonde
  15. Tropical Fishbowl
  16. How Does That Feel
  17. Sigh
  18. Something For The Longing
  19. Farewell Dear Bonnie
  20. On A Sunday