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Orchids - Striving For The Lazy Perfection + Singles cd

(LTM Records)

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the final album from the Orchids (version 1) found them expanding into synthier, dancier territories, but the pop is still pure!
  1. Obsession No. 1
  2. Striving For The Lazy Perfection
  3. The Searching
  4. Welcome To My Curious Heart
  5. Avignon
  6. A Living Ken And Barbie
  7. Beautiful Liar
  8. A Kind Of Eden
  9. Prayers To St. Jude
  10. Lovechild
  11. Give A Little Honey
  12. I've Got To Wake Up To Tell You My Dreams
  13. The Perfect Reprise
  14. Thaumaturgy
  15. I Was Just Dreaming
  16. Between Sleeping And Waking
  17. It's Ours
  18. The Letter