One Thousand Violins - Halcyon Days: Complete Recordings 1985-1987 cd

(Cherry Red Records)

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all the early singles, EPs and more from this excellent janglepop band with psych-pop roots
  1. Halcyon Days (12" Version)
  2. Like One Thousand Violins
  3. I Remember When Everybody Used To Ride Bikes... Now We All Drive Cars
  4. The Tragic Tale Of Daniel
  5. Please Don't Sandblast My House
  6. I Think It's Time I Broke Down
  7. Though It Poured The Next Day I Never Noticed The Rain
  8. You Ungrateful Bastard
  9. My Beautiful Shirt
  10. To Make Your Tea
  11. Locked Out Of The Love-In
  12. Why Is It Always December?
  13. I Was Depending On You To Be My Jesus
  14. No One Was Saving The World
  15. Candleman (Electric Intro Version)
  16. If I Were A Bullet (Then For Sure I'd Find A Way To Your Heart)
  17. Poet (Long Version)
  18. Almost Dead & Nigh On Forty Years To Go
  19. Halcyon Days (Alternative Version)
  20. Candleman (Acoustic Intro Version)
  21. You Ungrateful Bastard (Flexi Vsn)