Mr. & Mrs. Muffins - The Misty Cowboy & Other Songs To Dream By lp

(Honey Muffin Records)

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cinematic indiepop that's the soundtrack to the best dream you've ever had - very similar to the Free Design or Siesta's more languid records, and packaged with a beautiful 24-page illustrated booklet that's part of the gatefold lp!
  1. The Music Box
  2. The Misty Cowboy
  3. The Carefree Day
  4. The Enchanted Dreamer
  5. The How Do You Do Song
  6. The Music Box Reprise
  7. The Cat's Holiday
  8. The Merry-Go-Round
  9. The Little Red Fox
  10. The Dreamiest Street
  11. It's Such A Good Feeling