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Mommyheads - Finest Specimens cd

(Dromedary Records)

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21-track greatest hits from this '90s US cult college rock band
  1. Cactus Farm
  2. Bingham's Hole
  3. Spiders
  4. Help Me
  5. Fast Enough for You
  6. Like A Brick
  7. Thought of You (Live at Bogart's, Cincinnati, OH, 1996)
  8. Work
  9. Needmore, PA (Live at The Cave, Stockholm, Sweden, 2010)
  10. Gravity
  11. Wedding Day
  12. You Keep On Looking Back (Live at the Tin Angel, Philadelphia, PA, 1997)
  13. Fragrant Rota
  14. Monkey
  15. I Started Breathing
  16. You're Not A Dream
  17. Worm
  18. Henry Miller is Dead
  19. Jaded (Live at the Tin Angel, Philadelphia, PA, 1997)
  20. Valentine's Day
  21. When the Sun Breaks