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McCarthy - That's All Very Well, But… cd

(Cherry Red Records)

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basically a greatest hits collection, but nearly half of the tracks are Peel Session versions, making this an essential purchase!
  1. Red Sleeping Beauty
  2. Should The Bible Be Banned
  3. An MP Speaks
  4. The Fall
  5. The Funeral
  6. We Are All Bourgeois Now
  7. Antinature
  8. Kill Kill Kill Kill
  9. Frans Hals
  10. The Myth Of The North
  11. South Divide
  12. This Nelson Rockefeller
  13. Charles Windsor
  14. From The Damned
  15. Child Soon In Chains
  16. The Enemy Is At Home [For The Fat Lady]
  17. The Well Of Loneliness
  18. You're Alive
  19. Keep An Open Mind Or Else
  20. I'm Not A Patriot But
  21. Comrade Era
  22. Should The Bible Be Banned