Man Upstairs - Home From The Picnic cd/lp

(Firestation Records)

excellent retrospective from this highly obscure UK band in the vein of Aztec Camera and Pale Fountains
  1. Country Boy
  2. The Boy Next Door
  3. Barratt Homes
  4. I Can Be Anything
  5. Shouldn’t Try
  6. Sad in My Heart
  7. The Person in Front
  8. Cry Cry Baby
  9. No Smokes without Fire
  10. Don't Be Afraid Of the Dentist
  11. They Wanna Be Like You
  12. It's Raining
  13. I bet they’re Really Missing Me Downstairs
  14. One Kiss at Sunset (cd-only)
  15. Jack (cd-only)
  16. One Lump or Two (cd-only)
  17. The Consumer Song
  18. When Jealousy Starts Again
  19. You’ve gotta keep to the Beat in Ballroom Dancing
  20. No Smokes without Fire (version) (cd-only)
  21. Cry Cry Baby (version) (cd-only)
  22. Desperate Dan
  23. Raging Fool
  24. Lipstick Shuffle (cd-only)
  25. Big Fish (cd-only)
  26. Ba Ba Ba Ba (cd-only)
  27. The Eye of the Needle (cd-only)
  28. My Way
  29. Country Boy (version) (lp-only)
  30. Sad in my Heart (version) (lp-only)