Lovely Eggs - If You Were Fruit cd

(HHBTM Records)

halfway point between twee and riot-grrrl
  1. Sexual Cowboy
  2. I Like Birds But I Like Other Animals Too
  3. Mices
  4. Luna Cafe
  5. Where's My Animal?
  6. If You Were Fruit
  7. Oh The Stars
  8. O Death
  9. Have You Ever Heard A Digital Accordion?
  10. Big Red Car
  11. Baulk Cushion
  12. Hey There Woodsman!
  13. The Best Moon This Side Of Town
  14. America
  15. Jon Carling
  16. I Collect Snails
  17. I Want To Fall Of My Bike Today
  18. I Want To Be In Your Fire
  19. Oh Weird Heart