Hussalonia - Home Taping Is Killing Me cs

(Hope For The Tape Deck Records)

really great home-recorded powerpop/noisepop that sounds something like a lo-fi Superdrag meets the Capstan Shafts - comes with a download!
  1. PSA 1
  2. Keeping The Company Of The Dead
  3. History Is Mine
  4. Misery, Let Me Keep You Company
  5. An Assault Upon The Ears
  6. PSA 2
  7. No To Some
  8. Dig Up Your Records
  9. A Head In The Phones
  10. No Time
  11. The Rattle Under My Hood
  12. Please Don't Make Me Say Its Name
  13. PSA 3
  14. Record Bins
  15. Portrait Of Frustration
  16. o rlly?
  17. Stolen Office Supplies
  18. Fraudulent Cranes
  19. Time Will Measure Me