Horowitz - Frosty Cat Songs cd/lp

(Glo-Fi Records)

really good mix of Beatnik Filmstars/Pavement-styled indie rock and softer indiepop from this UK group
  1. Sister
  2. Chilwell Olympia
  3. Season Of The Witch
  4. It's Better To Eat Twinkies With Yr Friends Than To Eat Broc
  5. Amy Acker And The Curious Paper Tiger
  6. Feed 'em Noni Flicks ('til They Die)
  7. Veronica Made A Tape
  8. Audrey's Post-It Notes
  9. Frosty Cat
  10. West London Postcard Club
  11. Meet Me After Dinner
  12. I Need A Blanket
  13. Punk Kids
  14. Making Time