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Haywains - A37 Revisited cd

(Cider City Records)

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20-track retrospective from this classic indiepop group, featuring singles, favorites, unheard tracks and more!
  1. Boy Called Burden
  2. Pull The Other One
  3. Next Time It's Gonna Be Different
  4. Summer Madness!
  5. Why Do I Get The Feeling Your Mother Hates Me?
  6. I Wouldn't Want That
  7. Houdini Girl
  8. Boy Racers A Go Go
  9. Fisherman's Friend
  10. Now I've Got One Up On You
  11. Dusty Springfield
  12. Bye Bye Boyfriend
  13. Kill Karaoke
  14. Not So Clever Now
  15. Don't Try To Educate Me
  16. Desperately Seeking Something
  17. Rosanna
  18. I'm Still Waiting
  19. Somebody Loves You
  20. Bythesea Road