Featherfin - Miles To Go Before I Sleep / Past Paths dbl cd

(Kocliko Records)

dense and dreamy pop layered with synths and effected guitars in the style of the Radio Dept. on this double-disc set with the band's album and singles collected
  1. Keep On Walking
  2. This Summer
  3. 17 Doors
  4. Moments That Can't Be Captured
  5. Helen Richey
  6. We Became One
  7. Vespa
  8. Nananarama
  9. The Crimson Spill
  10. A Cup Of Coffee And Two Buns, Please
  11. True Love Will Find You In The End
  12. Cinnamon Bubblegum
  13. If I Can
  14. Maybe That's Enough
  15. Atmosphere
  16. You Left Me
  17. She Hit Me With A Raincloud
  18. The Only Thing I Miss
  19. If You Were Comming In The Fall (Featherfin's Daylight Remix)
  20. When The Snow Was Whiter
  21. Icicles
  22. The Crimson Spill (Original)
  23. Helen Richey (Original)
  24. Nananarama (Original)
  25. Half Dozen Lily-Pads
  26. Blomsterälskare
  27. If You Were Coming In The Fall
  28. Butterfly Girl