Driscoll, Dennis - Voices In The Fog cd

(K Records)

2002 album with a wide variety of styles (from rockin' to lovelorn to whimsical) and collaborators (including Mirah, Khaela Maricich and Katy Davidson)
  1. Sarah Jane, part II
  2. I Know
  3. Telepathic Birdcalls
  4. Drive-In
  5. Fall in Love
  6. Waitress and Sailor
  7. Where Did We Go Wrong
  8. Neptune's Daughter
  9. Second Hand
  10. Sunday is Over
  11. You're Both Alone
  12. Stormy Weather
  13. I'm in Love With a Ghost
  14. Moon Patrol
  15. Little Old Me
  16. Roller-Coaster
  17. You Don't Know