Direct Hits - Here There Or Anywhere - 23 Mod Pop Classics cd

(Cherry Red Records)

excellent collection compiled by the band, featuring a number of rare tracks making their appearance on cd for the first time!
  1. Modesty Blaise
  2. English Girls
  3. Girl In A Picture
  4. The Old Curiosity Shop (With Dan Treacy)
  5. My Back Pages
  6. What Killed Aleister Crowley
  7. Miranda Berkley
  8. This Was Marc Deans
  9. Captivating Eyes
  10. Henry The Unhappy Inventor
  11. Theme From The Munsters (Live)
  12. My Car
  13. I Start Counting
  14. So Sad I Don’t Feel Too Bad (Live)
  15. I've Got Eyes
  16. She's Not Herself Today
  17. Miles Away
  18. (Just Like An) Abacus
  19. She's Not Here, There Or Anywhere
  20. Last Night I Saw The Sunrise
  21. Heat And Sun
  22. Christina
  23. She Really Didn’t Care