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Dear Nora - We'll Have A Time cd

(P-Vine Records)

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Japanese pressing of the band's classic debut album (now out of print domestically) that 14 on the eight songs from the "Dreaming Out Loud" EP as bonus tracks
  1. Rollercoaster
  2. 'Round And 'Round
  3. Since You Went Away
  4. You Looked Like A Portrait
  5. When The Wind Blows
  6. Springtime Fall
  7. I'm Turned Inside Out
  8. Everyone's The Same
  9. Early To Bed
  10. Number Twelve
  11. From My Bedroom Window
  12. A Lullaby
  13. Just One More Thing
  14. One Two Three Four
  15. Dreaming Out Loud
  16. Out To Dry
  17. My Autobiography
  18. In My Room
  19. Slow And Strong
  20. My Guitar