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Dear Nora - Three States: Rarities '97-'07 dbl cd

(Magic Marker Records)

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two-disc collection (57 tracks in total!) of all of the Dear Nora singles and compilation tracks, as well as songs that never made it out of the basement
  1. Make You Smile
  2. Second Birthday
  3. Up On The Roof
  4. The Sign Of The Times
  5. Second Guess
  6. When You Write A Bad Song
  7. The World Is Falling Down
  8. Second Hand
  9. It's Important To Know
  10. I Don't Know What To Say
  11. To Fall Is Not To Fail
  12. Just One More Thing
  13. One Two Three Four
  14. Dreaming Out Loud
  15. Out To Dry
  16. My Autobiography
  17. In My Room
  18. Slow And Strong
  19. My Guitar
  20. You're The Palindrome
  21. As Time Moves On
  22. Come On Inside (1999)
  23. This Is Not A Test
  24. Ghost In My Head
  25. The Weight
  26. I Gave Up On Trying
  27. Where Do You Go?
  28. I Was Born In Arizona
  29. Philadelphia
  30. The Sleeping Zone
  31. The Cold, Cold Lake
  32. Girl From The North Country
  33. To Be Me
  34. Come On Inside (2003)
  35. Sarah, You're Not For Me
  36. The Lonesome Border, Part 2
  37. You Are 26
  38. Hey Tiger (Early 2003)
  39. I Get Up, I Get Down
  40. One Night In The Moment
  41. The Original Mountain Rock
  42. Back To The Garden (Amy's Song)
  43. The Northern Side
  44. Distant Light
  45. Hey Tiger (Late 2003)
  46. Mistakes Are Not Between Us
  47. In Your Space
  48. Fargo
  49. When I'm Wasted
  50. When Things At Home Got Shitty
  51. On A Trip
  52. Cold City
  53. Over And Over
  54. The Life Of A Star
  55. This Will Be Our Year
  56. Trip The Light Fantastic
  57. Hot Boyz