Dear Nora - Mountain Rock cd

(Magic Marker Records)

organic and honest album, created mostly with acoustic guitar and vocals, and recorded by Katy alone, creating an intimate relationship between herself and the listener
  1. The Lonesome Border, Pt. 1
  2. Living Song
  3. Loose
  4. Hung Up
  5. Here We Come Around
  6. The Climb
  7. Mountain Rock
  8. Departure Song
  9. Make It Real
  10. Caribou, Timber Wolf
  11. Give Me Some Of Your Love
  12. West Nile!!
  13. You Are A Bear (For A New Friend)
  14. Oxygen & The Mellow Stuff
  15. People, Don't You Know?
  16. Suicide Song
  17. Love Song For My Friends
  18. untitled