Darling Buds - Pop Said cd

(Cherry Red Records)

reissue of the debut album from this female-led '80s indiepop group with plenty of bonus tracks and more!
  1. Hit The Ground
  2. Burst
  3. Uptight
  4. The Other Night
  5. Big Head
  6. Let's Go Round There
  7. She's Not Crying
  8. Shame On You
  9. You've Got To Choose
  10. Spin
  11. When It Feels Good
  12. Things We Do For Love
  13. Just Say So
  14. Pretty Girl
  15. If I Said
  16. Turn You On
  17. Different Daze
  18. Mary's Got To Go
  19. I'll Never Stop
  20. Shame On You (Slightlydelic Version)
  21. It's All Up To You (Flip Flop Version)