Crappy Dracula - Fantastic Dracula lp

(Eeefin' Records)

imagine if the first Dead Milkmen record was noisier and somehow stranger

  1. Sound Guy Introduction
  2. The Computer That Learned To Watch Television
  3. A Talent For Luck
  4. Schrodinger's Puss
  5. Ambulance
  6. Earth Sucks
  7. Pregnant Celebrity
  8. Free Wi-Fi
  9. Ron Schwartz's Guide To Lesser-Known Stereotypes
  10. Whiter Shade Of Cake
  11. Success (a.k.a. Dornor, Conquerer Of The Widely Known)
  12. Soggytown City
  13. Blimp Heist
  14. I Think You'd Better Sit Down For This One