Craig Salt Peters - Songs For Hungry Ghosts cs

(Lost Sound Tapes)

I'm a little biased here, as Craig and his bandmates are good friends of mine, but I promise that even if I didn't know them personally, I would still be thrilled with this album. This is the kind of upbeat and positive indie rock that I fall for every time, sounding like Good Luck or Pants Yell! covering Ted Leo classics, replete with highly intelligent songwriting and very proficient playing. Seriously, this is a jaw-dropper of a record (and you should see the band play live!) that I'm very happy to present to the world, in conjunction with our pals at Lost Sound Tapes.
  1. The Pick Up
  2. Seeing You
  3. Daydreaming
  4. Write You A Story
  5. Where Demons Dare
  6. Full Moon Constitutional
  7. Going Places
  8. I Don't Wanna Miss You
  9. Day In Pensacola
  10. The Year We Lived In Liberty
  11. Old Bug Bear
  12. Spectacles
  13. Let It Shine
  14. Patience