Comet Gain - Broken Record Prayers cd

(What's Your Rupture? Records)

collection of singles, comp tracks and even more from this legendary indiepop collective
  1. Jack Nance Hair
  2. You Can Hide Your Love Forever
  3. Young Lions
  4. If I Had A Soul
  5. Brothers Off The Block
  6. Beautiful Despair
  7. Love Without Lies
  8. Hard Times
  9. If You Ever Walk Out Of My Life
  10. Books Of California
  11. Look At You Now (You're Crying)
  12. Mainlining Mystery
  13. Asleep On The Snow
  14. Beatnik
  15. He Walked By Nite
  16. Orwell Liberty Dance
  17. Emotion Pictures
  18. Tighten Up!
  19. Germ Of Youth Part II
  20. Record Prayer