Clientele - Suburban Light dbl cd

(Merge Records)

reissue of the band's classic debut album with a bonus disc of extra tracks and demos
  1. I Had To Say This
  2. Rain
  3. Reflections After Jane
  4. We Could Walk Together
  5. Monday's Rain
  6. Joseph Cornell
  7. An Hour Before The Light
  8. (I Want You) More Than Ever
  9. Saturday
  10. Five Day Morning
  11. Bicycles
  12. As Night Is Falling
  13. Lacewings
  14. Sarah's Prelude
  15. 6am Morningside
  16. From A Window
  17. What Goes Up
  18. Driving South
  19. Porcelain (Portastudio Version)
  20. May Has Brought A Change In You
  21. Monday's Rain (Portastudio Version)
  22. Tracey Had A Hard Day Sunday
  23. Six Foot Drop